Passion of a Creative Web Designer – Adam Johnson

the passion of a creative web designer is his family in this portrait

I’ll be honest, I am a bit of a nerd. I’ve had the passion of a creative web designer for over 20 years. From the days of simple HTML flashing “Under Construction” in GeoCities to the current days of HTML5 and video, I have seen a lot, I have made a lot of mistakes, and I learn something new everyday about Twin Cities Web Design. Learning is one of my passions.

My work goes beyond the confines of traditional design; it embodies the passion of a creative web designer in every aspect. Writing articles isn’t just a task for me, it’s a way to channel this passion into educating and enlightening the communities we serve. Each piece of content is infused with the creativity and innovative spirit that drive my design work, aiming to offer not just information, but inspiration and a fresh perspective on the latest trends and ideas in our communities.

I have a passion for helping people, helping communities, and helping animals. Sometimes passions can be hard to support when you’re an introvert. Below you will find some of the ways I try to give back to my community despite being introverted.

The passion of a creative web designer is not just about business, its about helping people.

I hope this space gives you a chance to learn a little more about me and my passions.

Community Articles contributed to the Savage, MN and Surrounding Areas

Scott County Continues with Plans for Self-Service Library

Library patrons can utilize books, computers, printers, and meeting rooms during periods when library personnel are not present.

2023 Heart of the City Race Celebrates 12 Years

The 12th annual Heart of the City 5k, 10k and 15k races supporting the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities officially happens Sept 9th

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