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Nonprofit Web Solutions: Skybrant’s Journey with Catchafire and Zeffy




Connecting Passions: How Skybrant Leveraged Zeffy to Transform Nonprofit Web Solutions

Update Oct 30th: As we head into ‘Give to the Max Day 2023‘ on November 16th, we are more excited than ever about the potential of nonprofit web solutions. This special day celebrates and supports the vital work of nonprofits, schools, and community organizations. By utilizing tools like Zeffy, nonprofits can ensure that more of the generous donations made on this day go directly towards their mission, rather than being eaten up by fees. Skybrant is proud to stand by organizations during such events, ensuring that their web presence is optimized and ready to handle the influx of supporters. Here’s to making a bigger impact this year!

In today’s digital age, web design and maintenance stand as pillars of outreach and connectivity, especially for empowering nonprofits. Yet, resources and expertise in these domains aren’t always accessible to every organization. Enter Skybrant, with an assist from Catchafire, ready to bridge this gap in nonprofit web solutions.

Diving into Catchafire

July nonprofit web solutions - Skybrant Web Solutions

Upon our discovery of Catchafire, we were immediately captivated by its dedication to the nonprofit web solutions. Centered entirely around enhancing the nonprofit experience, the platform bridges skilled professionals with organizations in dire need of their talents. At Skybrant, this aligns seamlessly with our ethos.

Catchafire’s foundational principle of equity guarantees that nonprofits, regardless of their dimensions or financial heft, are armed with the tools and resources essential for advancing their missions.

The compelling statistics of Catchafire further fueled our interest: 61% of the nonprofits onboard have leadership from the BIPOC community. This was our chance to contribute, to amplify the operations of these pivotal organizations. Moreover, the rich experience pool on Catchafire—with an average volunteer clocking in 16 years of professional know-how—was a testament to the platform’s promise of quality and expertise.

Skybrant’s Collaboration with Catchafire

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Our use of the Catchafire platform quickly linked us with various nonprofits desperate for nonprofit web solutions. One such organization, eager to modernize its online fundraising approach, stood out. We introduced them to Zeffy, a groundbreaking online fundraising software. While they were intrigued by Zeffy’s zero-fee promise, they required guidance to transition and maximize their online efforts using the platform.

Acknowledging Zeffy’s monumental potential in saving nonprofits a fortune in fees, Skybrant sprang into action. Our specialized web design and maintenance services, crafted to cater to the nonprofit’s specific needs, ensured they leveraged Zeffy to its fullest potential.

In a short span, the outcomes were palpable. The nonprofit not only boasted a rejuvenated online persona but also witnessed a surge in donations via Zeffy. The savings accrued, thanks to the zero-fee structure, enabled them to redirect more funds towards their foundational cause, amplifying their impact.

The Broader Impact

Catchafire’s stellar community impact metrics are a testament to its transformative nature. Over 1.2 million volunteer hours and a staggering $240 million in nonprofit value creation later, it’s evident that Catchafire has reshaped the nonprofit web solutions nexus. Skybrant, through this platform, found a conduit to extend our expertise to the most deserving, amplifying the reach and efficacy of nonprofits in their communities.

Envisioning the Future of Philanthropy through Nonprofit Web Solutions

July nonprofit web solutions - Skybrant Web Solutions

Catchafire isn’t just a platform; it’s a movement reimagining volunteerism. As Skybrant rides this wave, we’re enthusiastic about the horizons ahead. With Catchafire’s innovation and tools like Zeffy at our disposal, our goal of empowering nonprofits is brighter than ever. Our journey continues, using nonprofit web solutions as catalysts for change.

If your nonprofit seeks web solutions or is curious about Skybrant’s use of the Catchafire platform, we’re all ears. Let’s harness the digital realm’s potential for the greater good.

Interested in the transformative power of Catchafire for your nonprofit? Reach out to them for a demo or more information at Skybrant, LLC is not associated with Catch-a-Fire or Zeffy.

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